Sunday, February 27, 2011

More of the Crew

     This is Honey. She was my first personal founder project, her owners gave me $100 to get her off their property. She was hardly able to walk when I got her, today she is a rock-solid trail horse. I'll have to do a full post on her later. She has taught me more then I'd ever dreamed one foundered horse could teach.

     Here are the 'pacas. This is Snap Happy, the group leader. He is semi-fearless, when the wind is right, and the gelded mate of Pixie. He is incredibly smart, above and beyond what I bet anyone would imagine an alpaca to be.

     Pixie, aka Pixie Popper, for her habit of spinning in circles then *popping* up in the air to run away. She is a fan of doing whatever she wants, and spitting on anyone she dislikes.

     Shiloh, my alpaca I lost to cancer last year, is in the background. He was the sweetest boy, I was incredibly lucky to be able to know him.

     Jodi, my sweet girl. She is absolutely gorgous, with fiber to die for. I got her severely ill with ulcers. She has made a full and happy recovery, and likes to give 'paca kisses.

     And last but not least, Andy. He is my "Dandy lil' Andy", a mini-alpaca. He was sick when I got him, and though he is healthy now, his growth was stunted. He is only about the size of a yearling alpaca, but he is irresistably cute. Snap is his hero and best friend, so of course he quite hates Pixie. He has the finest fiber of my group.

     Here is the big bunny, Sapphire. She is an angora, so requires a lot of brushing, but has the nicest fiber you will find. She likes to chase my cats and the beagle, she is quite a big bunny.

     More cats. Daisy again on the left, Rosie is the orange girl in front, Dingbat is in the middle, and Elliot on the right. Dingbat was my first cat, a feral cat living in a barn I kept my horse at. A lot of time spent sitting on a hay bale and bringing out cat food made her my friend, and then she decided to retire from the feral barn cat life and become an indoor cat who sleeps on my pillow. Elliot is her son, and my best buddy. He spends a lot of time laying across my shoulders, he is my cat scarf. He will 'ride' me while I feed, clean the barn, work on the computer, or eat dinner. He can jump, from a standstill on the ground, and land soft as a feather on my shoulders, a 5' vertical leap.

     Just for some extra cuteness, here is my banty chicken Blackie who adopted 5 baby ducks last spring. Momma duck hid away and hatched them, but then left them in the chicken coop alone the next day. Blackie scooped them all up into a nesting box and brooded them like any good momma. She had quite a time trying to fit them all under her, so after a week 1 always slept on top of her. They were bigger then her in about a month. Once they were grown her and Kermit (momma duck) split custody and spent equal time with them.

     Last, the new kid on the block, Sonny. He is a chronically laminetic Norwegian Fjord. He'll be getting his own posts, but just a quick picture for now.

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