Friday, September 2, 2011

My Anatomical Turtle

     My friend Xenia has been making resin jewelry, and has become incredibly good at it. She has patience and attention to detail that would make my brain run out my ears.

     Her jewelry is made of flowers and plants from her property, that she presses and dries, then 'traps' in resin. She is always making beautiful, earthy, flowery stuff that I can fully appreciate both in her effort and the plants beauty, but I don't wear jewelry no matter her trying to lure me into femininity. Most of her stuff makes me wish I did, but alas I am a grimmy dirty little urchin and me wearing her gorgeous jewelry brings to mind the expression, "pearls before swine".    

     But low and behold, she pressed this angelface flower (a relative of a snapdragon, which is one of my favorite flowers), and it came out unexpectedly awesome.

     It's a turtle. Not only a turtle, but an anatomical diagram of a turtle. See the lungs? Intestines? Kidneys? Even the wee rectum? It is, to borrow a phrase from a friend, made of win and covered in awesome.

     So at my total gasp and jaw-dropping excitement over the pure coolness of her perfect turtle, she gave it to me as a 5 week early birthday present. Her husband Chad said he was fairly certain I was the only person who would look at her gorgeous work and not only see a turtle, but a turtle's intestinal system; and I was guaranteed to be the only person who would  consider it a selling point.

     I have worn my turtle everywhere ever since, and get many comments. So far my friend Troy is the only one who also immediately saw the intestinal system, but everyone thinks it's awesome and agrees it is the most "me-ish" piece of jewelry ever made.