Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting Started

            It has been suggested for some time I should write a blog. Tell the stories of the amazing animals I work with, show some of what I am blessed to be able to do for a living. Hopefully give ideas to help keep your own animals happy and healthy.
Journaling is not one of my strong suits. I have tried more times then is really logical, but it is sporadic at best. But rehab logs, those I can do. You have to have weights, up days, down days, temperatures, measurements, abilities, all those fun things that tell you where the animal is at, what is working, what is not. It streamlines your progress, and gives you a baseline. Plus, the next time you run across the same illness, lameness, what-have-you, you have a basic game plan from your previous notes.
So welcome to my online rehab blog. There will be a lot of horses, and lot of feet, since that is my business. But there will be a wide variety of animals involved I am sure, they like to be helpful whether I want help or not.  

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