Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Continuation of Mass Cuteness

So first we will have to look again at the awe-inspiring cuteness of the babies. The little girl is definitely taller, and she is MUCH faster! They run and chase through the pen and all he can hope it so watch her flash by.
Jodi is now a wonderful mother who loves her babies all to bits. She is now nursing BOTH babies at the same time on a regular basis. I'm watching her milk supply, and she is blown up like a dairy cow all the time (alpacas generally have very small udders that look more 'swollen' then dairy-ish). I've never seen an alpaca with such a BIG udder! So it doesn't seem like nursing 2 is bothering her any, and Pixie doesn't seem to mind her baby double-dipping since she regularly nursed Jodi's baby until she got the hang of it.
Speaking of Miss Momma Jodi Milk Cow here she is cooling off in this miserable heat we've been having! As soon as the pool was out, before I had a chance to put the hose in, she was already in the pool laying down like this! So once I had the hose in she was in hog heaven!
And of course Pixie spent quite a bit of time in too, but she got out constantly to chase babies. It seems they have divided the baby-duties into Jodi doing the feeding while Pixie does the guarding and baby-sitting.
Babies spend a lot of time out running and chasing each other. Today the little boy discovered chickens and ducks, and had a blast running through the flock scattering them in panic. They quickly learned to avoid him completely of course.
And away from 'paca cuteness I am still drowning in cuteness everywhere else. The other day I got this pic of everyone sun bathing together.
Daisy had spent quite a bit of time at this point grooming Possum's head. He tolerates it for the prime sun position. After the picture she collapsed on top of him for a few hours of sun bathing, heat supplied to both sides. And I love the look on Ding's face, she's just so glad someone else is occupying Daisy for the moment!
The same window later on, this time occupied by Angel and Milo. Angel loves to hook her toes in the window to effortlessly sun her belly.
Sharing the cuteness from soggy Kewanna!

Monday, June 24, 2013

More Baby Pics!

First off Baby Gracie is jealous because the baby 'pacas are getting too much photo time, so here she is being adorable and friendly.
Yes, I have a lap sheep. :)
She likes to lay and get full body massages in the evenings, it's tough life being a baby sheeps!
Here is Miss Surprise Lily, she is starting to get friendlier. She will get within a few feet of us while we play with Gracie, and will eat grain out of your hand. But she still won't just happily let you pet her or hang on her like Gracie.
Here is Jodi's baby girl after the trailer ride home. She makes this face a lot, I love it!
Here she is starting to play and get around more.
And the happy cria tail after taking a break from nursing!
The whole 'paca family. They now hang out with the sheep and Two, everyone gets along well and Baby Gracie plays "Run Like Mad in All Directions" with the baby alpacas. They are all growing by the day, I can't believe how big everyone is getting so fast!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


     So the very short version of the whole mad story- I have two surprise alpaca crias!

Miss Pixie Popper's Baby Boy

Miss Jodikin's Baby Girl

Two strutting through the pasture with his family. He is finally the herd sire he always thought he was destined to be! He's so happy with his big new family, all these exotic women he has found for himself and all his new offspring ;)

Jodsie's with her baby (ignore the tuft of fluff on her neck, the shearer went mad for a moment).

Jodi's baby girl nursing WITHOUT help! This was a big victory, and I have spent the last day and half restraining mama every two hours for baby to nurse. Jodi was not the best mommy in the world right off, but she is getting there.

Pixie IS the best momma in the world! Here she is getting ready to attack a cat for getting too close to the babies! She has been super-momma from the moment her little boy hit the ground. He was born blind, and she followed him around and squatted her udder at his head for him to nurse and not need to 'find' her. Luckily he can fully see now, and is a happy pronking little wild man!
Pixie has also been nursing Jodi's baby when Jodi is being a butt and I am not getting there quick enough to hold her for the hungry baby. There is not much funnier then Pixie standing with two little brown butts sticking out from either side, both tiny tails just wagging like mad.