Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Chickens

     I have 11 chickens (9 hens and 2 roosters) and 5 duck hens. Most of them are between 8-11 years old, and while I still get a steady stream of eggs, it's nothing to write home about.

     Except the ducks, in the spring I get 1 egg a day from EACH duck (who are 8-11 YEARS old!). They slow to 1-3 duck eggs a day most the summer and fall, then totally quit from late fall to the next spring. But still my 11 year old Pekin duck lays an egg a day in the spring, and that just floors me.

     Anyways, here are some of my girls.
The larger black hen on the right is my Opus chicken, and she was one of my very first chickens, 11 years ago. She is a sweetie and is happy to eat grain from your hand. The smaller black hen next to her is "Opus's Stalker" and she was a feather-less bloody little hen that I brought home from an over-crowded little chicken coop I ran across. She decided Opus was her bestest friend ever from day one, and has followed her everywhere since. Where Opus goes her stalker follows.
So David has been wanting a more steady stream of eggs and has been dying to get a Maran chicken, which lays a very dark chocolate egg. We saw one for sale on Facebook from Rockin' C Chicks and drove over that evening to pick her up, along with 4 of her friends.
David's Black Copper Maran. This is his new baby, he is so excited and can't wait for his first dark egg. She's very friendly and is quite the super-model chicken.
These are his other two, a Silver Laced Wyandotte and a Columbian Wyandotte.
This is my girl, a Blue Orpington. Orpingtons are my favorite breed, they've always been such calm friendly birds. Rockin' C Chicks will have lavender Orpingtons in the future, and I'm really hoping I can get one of those next year too!
This is my other chicken, she's much prettier then the picture shows, but she was scared of the camera. She's a Polish mix, and just a beautiful, shimmering golden little girl.
Just for fun, this is my loony-tune little rooster. He was hatched here by one of my banty hens, and he's a bit of a nut. He will be calmly scratching with the other chickens, then suddenly squalk, jump, flap, and run like crazy into the chicken coop. This leads the other chickens to also think he's insane. 
And my pigeons couldn't be left out. Lovey is the bigger fellow, and I raised him from a tiny hatchling. He was lonely and this spring one of my clients sold me the little white pigeon, who is now Lovey's Girlfriend. He adores her, and spends all his time singing and preening for his love. She ignores him mostly, but she's still a boost for his moral, keeps him from thinking he's a chicken, and he's teaching her to fly.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall News from Kewanna

First off, the major news of the fall, is that me and David got engaged!

David had a friend of ours who does blacksmith art make the ring, which is just awesome.
He did it on horseback, in Brown county in a river. It was beautiful, even though it was raining and butt-cold and I had been completely against the idea of going out riding. I'd honestly thought he'd gone completely crackers, and it turned out he had.
It's definitely fall here. It's getting down right cold some days, and I'd turned on the small infrared heater, which sits next to one of my cat trees.
The top of the tree sprouts cats like mad in cold weather-
and Jack Russell Minkey Dogs at the bottom-
Daisy is still hard at work, building her fiber collection
and I'm still busy trying to dye yarn and fiber for upcoming festivals we have booths at.
Plus David, yes DAVID, brought home a foster puppy. She's a 6 month old black lab he found abandoned after a woman moved away and left her.
Her name is now Jamie, and she's a total doll. Much easier then most of my crazy dogs! So if you know of anyone looking for a love of a dog, I have one that dearly wants someone to call her own!