Thursday, April 25, 2013

The End of the Lonely Goat

     Once upon a time, a lonely goat that had lost his family looked for a friend. This lonely goat's minion scoured the earth and found him a fat little sheep who liked goats to be his friend. The goat liked the sheep a bit more then the sheep liked the goat. But she was a sweet good natured mothering sort of sheep, who saw the goats loneliness and decided to be his good friend, even if it was against her better judgment.

     The sheep had no name, and refused to show her personality to the crazy people who fed the goat for fear they would eat her as she heard rumors of such things happening to fat little sheeps. But over time she learned the crazy people merely wanted to feed her grain and scratch her chin, and she decided that they, like the goat, were not as bad as all that after all. 

     Then suddenly the fat little sheep with no name developed an udder. 

     "Ha ha, Surprise!" laughed the tall one.

     The short one's response was less then printable as the cause of the sweet little sheeps fatness was revealed. 

     "She is just like the flowers, pretty to have all year but then *poof surprise* you have a lily!" 

     So thusly the fat little sheep was dubbed, "Surprise Lily" because she did in fact have quite the surprise.

     At 4:30 the next morning the sheep in the barn had become sheeps! A little baby wobbled about and squinted at the world, already dry and fluffy from momma's good care.

     Miss Lily was of course a brilliantly good mother, taking such good care of her baby as to put most to shame. She spent hours grooming, snuggling, nursing and caring for this tiny new creature.

     People came from far and wide to view the epic cuteness that had infiltrated the barn, watching baby antics while the goat greeted them, proud of his new family and eating the people's buttons off their coats.

      Alas the baby had no name, and much discussion was launched amongst the people, who hate naming things more then about anything else.

     "What about Grace? Would Little Gracie be a good name for you, baby sheep?"

     The baby sheep was thinking something more along the lines of Mistress of the Known Universe and Destroyer of the Disobedient, but Gracie had a bit of a nice ring...

     "Miss Gracie Fuzzpot Monkey Butt Fluffbottom!" The baby sheep pranced and leaped across the pen in delight at having such a unique and distinguished name.

     So thus ends the story of the lonely goat who lost his family, because he became the proud and happy goat who had a big family and a baby all his own to raise as an honorary goat and teach to do all the bad things he could think of to drive the people crazy. 



  1. OMG, what a cutie!! I just want to hug her. Do sheep accept hugs? ;) Hehe.