Thursday, April 18, 2013

Great Geckos!!!

     I have been in love with lizards in general and Leopard Geckos in particular for a long time. Unfortunately my mother hates lizards with almost the same passion. So I grew up with toads and the occasional frogs as pets, and visited lizards at pet stores whenever the opportunity arose.

     A few year ago I was helping a friend move and they pulled out a 30 gal. aquarium that leaked and loading it in my truck to go to the dump. The dump! I immediately scavenged it and brought it home. I've kept it for years now with dreams of setting it up as a lizard home.

     In long standing tradition every time my boyfriend and I would go to the pet store I'd go over and plaster my nose to the Leopard Gecko tank. After watching this spectacle numerous time and hearing my reasons for wanting and enjoy these beautiful creatures, one day he did a very bad thing and asked, "Why don't you just get one?"

     So I got two, and I blame him. :)


     And now growing up into big geckos! Aren't they just gorgeous!

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