Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's COLD!

     Ack, the first cold days of winter. Yuck yuck. 18 degrees out currently, colder last night. With the wind too, I'm not thrilled. The dogs are not even going out to feed with me, they are staying under the covers on the bed.

     Cody and Zecilly are bundled up in their coats. Honey and the alpaca's are even thinking the barn is good to get out of the wind. The ducks and chickens are staying in, huddled together in the straw.

     But then there is Sonny. Mister Died Hard Winter Lover. He's totally yak-ed out with winter hair, and loving this. He's out, face into the bitter nasty wind, breathing that fresh air. The other two horses are picking their way across the frozen miserably rough ground, and he's striding out, trotting even, "This isn't bad terrain, there isn't even 6 foot of snow you pansies!"

     In the 40-60 MPH winds we had the other day, he was out in it for most the day. Willingly. Despite my efforts to convince him otherwise. Cody was cuddled up in his stall, Honey in the barn, and Sonny was out all by himself napping in the "sun" with all the nastiness. He's certain the weather is just getting nice and fit for a Fjord.

     The good news is if I can handle this ugly bitter cold, I think I've got a excellent winter riding horse.

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