Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finally have a Computer Again!

     About three weeks ago my computer bit the dust. Started halfway, then crash. It was ten years old, and ran slower then the average snail, so I suppose it was time.

     So now I have a new computer. I am not a technological person, I shopped via, "I like this keyboard", and my mom shopped by saying, "That is a computer made for small children, you can't have it."

     I picked a second choice via keyboard. That one was apparently quite old and no longer stocked or made. We spent way too long in Best Buy, I typed on way too many awful keyboards with all the buttons in the wrong places, until finally I got this one. It was the least disagreeable. Mostly the buttons are in the proper places (ie. where they were on my old computer).
     It'll take some getting used to mostly because now pages load when I pull them up, I can't cook dinner while I wait. It's a bit irksome, and looks like it may become an enormous waste of time, as I will get researching something and simply continue for hours, instead of getting fed up after learning simply what I need to know and moving on. For instance I sat down to check my email a good 3 hours ago. Though I do now know the history of Santa Claus's pagan roots with Poseidon and how to knit a giant preying mantis. In case you didn't know, the internet is also made of cats. All in all and excellent use of three hours, simply because it's too hot outside to actually accomplish anything.

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