Monday, June 24, 2013

More Baby Pics!

First off Baby Gracie is jealous because the baby 'pacas are getting too much photo time, so here she is being adorable and friendly.
Yes, I have a lap sheep. :)
She likes to lay and get full body massages in the evenings, it's tough life being a baby sheeps!
Here is Miss Surprise Lily, she is starting to get friendlier. She will get within a few feet of us while we play with Gracie, and will eat grain out of your hand. But she still won't just happily let you pet her or hang on her like Gracie.
Here is Jodi's baby girl after the trailer ride home. She makes this face a lot, I love it!
Here she is starting to play and get around more.
And the happy cria tail after taking a break from nursing!
The whole 'paca family. They now hang out with the sheep and Two, everyone gets along well and Baby Gracie plays "Run Like Mad in All Directions" with the baby alpacas. They are all growing by the day, I can't believe how big everyone is getting so fast!

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