Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sonny Makes a Friend

     So far Sonny has basically ignored the other two horses. Occasionally they pass on the way to the water trough, Honey squeals at him, and he returns to a hay pile farthest away from the two of them.

     This morning is he decided he was done with this, and took up the Steve Urkel friendship approach. He placed himself about 2 feet behind Honey and followed her all over the pasture.

     She squealed, she kicked, she ran. He trotted along with a merry smile, stepping sideways to avoid flying hooves now and again. She made hideous faces and tried to bite him, he again side stepped and took up his post at her side. She bucked, farted, squealed some more. He stood and watched, then went right back to his 'spot'. 

     Eventually she couldn't stand it and had to eat some hay, making her ugly faces and spinning to kick at him every few mouthfuls. Luckily for him what she has in sheer strength and stubbornness she lacks in agility and speed, so avoiding her kicks is easy as stepping sideways when she begins bouncing her butt to work up the energy.

     So she took to leading him to a hay pile, waiting until he started to eat, and then taking off in another direction.

     "Wait friend, I'll come with you!"

     This led to much circling of the pasture hay piles. But I am happy, exercise for everyone!

     We also had a sure sign of spring today, the goats came out of the barn for the first time in 2011! Then they saw the camera...

     And then Cody saw the camera and said, "Don't be stupid, she doesn't want pictures of goofy goats, she wants pictures of me!"

     So I had to leave the pasture to get a picture of the goats. Zecilly decided to keep her StormShield on, it's not that warm yet.

    And Cody said just one more shot of cuteness so I'd have more pictures of him then Sonny.

     It's been raining and raining, now we need warmer weather to get rid of the MUD!!!

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